Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal Prescribing

Chinese herbal prescription is a sophisticated and specific method of herbal remedy with formulations still in use today that originate as far back as 220 BC from the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing. Though Chinese herbal prescriptions utilize mostly plant matter, there are also minerals, shells, and animal/insect products in its vast pharmacy of ingredients. Chinese herbs are often prescribed in formulations of multiple herbs whereas Western herbal usage tends to focus on single herb usage.

Training as an Herbalist

Extensive classroom and clinical training, passing a national board exam, and continuing education in Chinese herbology are all required to practice acupuncture in the State of Texas. In fact, Licensed Acupuncturists are the only health profession in Texas required to have formal training in herbology as a core requirement of their training and licensing.

Taking Chinese Herbs

There are a multiple formats for how to take Chinese herbs. To achieve the desired medicinal effect, Chinese herbs are typically taken at a larger dosage multiple times a day. These are the two formats that we use in our clinic.

  • Herbal patent formula – the most common and convenient way to take herbs. These are pre-made herbal formulations made into a pill or tablet form to treat the most common clinical presentations.
  • Bulk herb decoction – these formulas are customized for your specific needs. The raw bulk herbs are boiled in water and decocted into a liquid. We use an herbal compounding pharmacy, Fat Turtle Herbs, located out of California. Decoctions are cooked in commercial pressure cookers, vacuum sealed into portable pouches, and delivered to your home.