Ambien Online (Zolpidem) Without a Prescription

As you know, Ambien (Zolpidem 10 mg) is a pharmacological hypnotic drug belonging to the group of imidazopyridines. Ambien is similar to a group of benzodiazepines. After taking the drug Zolpidem, the number of awakenings during sleep is regulated, sleep becomes longer and of higher quality.

The composition of Zolpidem (10 mg) allows it to be classified as an ideal sleeping pill. Even the minimum dose of Zolpidem provides rapid sleep; increasing the dose does not increase the effect of the drug. Zolpidem is a prophylactic drug for all people suffering from insomnia.

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Indications for use of Ambien

Before using Ambien, you should remember that there are special indications due to the need to treat insomnia of a transient and situational nature.

Doctors note that sleep disturbances can be caused by a person’s depression. And in order to determine the characteristic manifestations of depression, the doctor needs a certain period of time, the results of studies, tests, so that he can determine the patient’s mental state, identifying the cause of insomnia.

For this reason, doctors explain the indications for prescribing Ambien in the following cases: It is necessary to achieve regulation of sleep, the causes of which are already known and transient. According to psychotherapists, if a person's insomnia occurs due to mental abnormalities or the person's emotional state, treatment should be aimed at problems related to sleep.

Directions for use and dosage

The method of administration and dosage of Ambien (10 mg) is prescribed by the doctor. The medicine should be taken before bedtime or during sleep. When treating diseases, the initial dose is usually the lowest. To achieve optimal balance and effectiveness of Zolpidem, the upper limit of the maximum permissible daily dose should not be exceeded. And as experts recommend, this value for adults is 10 milligrams.

In all cases where the patient has impaired liver function, the initial dose of Zolpidem (10 mg) is halved to 5 mg. Exceeding the dose is allowed in the amount of 10 milligrams per day, but in the case when, in the opinion of the doctor, the clinical effect of the drug is insufficient.

The duration of treatment with Ambien ranges from several days to 4 weeks. Courses of treatment, sometimes extended, are carried out with extreme caution and after a detailed examination and clinical assessment of the patient’s condition by a doctor.

Zolpidem (10 mg) Overdose

All possible symptoms that arise when the maximum permissible dose of the drug is exceeded mainly manifest themselves in the form of phenomena that arise as a result of depression of the human central nervous system. Loss of consciousness in a patient may manifest itself:

  • apathy;
  • confusion;
  • severe disturbances of consciousness
  • up to the onset of a coma.

Experts say that overdosing on Ambien also carries a risk of hypertension and respiratory depression, so consult your doctor before taking Zolpidem.